A Walk In The Dark—A Poem

A Walk in The Dark

I walk in the Dark
with this goal in mind:
to touch whomsoever I find.

In the hope that one day,
this Darkness won't stay,
and cleared be the Blinders of sight.

I don't mind if it's scary
or if—I feel weary;
What matters is that this is right.

My (S)Word made of Light
will cut through the Night,
and bring that which has been foretold.

A world pure as gold,
and people not cold,
and goodness all over the land.

So please take this Flame
I hold in my hand,
and keep it inside of your heart.

May the Light shine on you,
forever so true,
and never again will depart.

Now come follow me,
in the Dark we shall be,
to spread out the Brightness of Day.

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