Buy Antivirus Software or Download Antivirus Free

If you are new to antivirus programs, it is safer to buy antivirus software. Don’t get me wrong; there are still risks even if you buy antivirus software as I’ll discuss in my next post. But the risk is greater if you download antivirus for free from some no-name site.

I know that there are good antivirus free to download. I even have a link to a list of free antivirus software which I’ll share with you tomorrow. I’ve used a couple of them, too. The problem is knowing a good free antivirus to download from a bad one. As one reader pointed out in a previous post, (Hi, Holly) some of these free antivirus software contain viruses themselves. I can’t agree more as I’ve encountered them myself. In one site I visited, it said “Your computer is infected. Click here to download our free antivirus”. (Or something along those lines.) Yeah, right. Their free antivirus did not even have a name.

But if you still plan to download free antivirus software, just be aware of the risk and research the antivirus software company. Check if there are any antivirus reviews mentioning them. There are good free antivirus programs out there. However, it is simply safer for newbies to buy antivirus software. It’s worth the cost.

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