Chess – Free Download

You got that right. One of the best computer games—chess is free to download. Some of them, at least; but definitely not Chessmaster or similar commercial chess programs. However, a lot of those chess games that are free to download are enough to make you scratch your head if your rating is below 1400.

My favorite free chess programs are Fritz, Rybka, Toga, and GNU chess. They are good chess engines that you can download for free. I’m a bit lazy to provide the links here but you can always search for them in the Net if you’re interested. You might also stumble upon new free chess games to download in the process. New stuff come out all the time, you know.

So, if you feel a bit disenchanted about blogging and don’t feel like tweeting, maybe you can have a go at chess. It’s free to download and fun to play. I’m sure you won’t have an easy time but please refrain from hitting the screen.

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