Spyware Removal

Spyware removal is a very tricky business. Once spyware gets into your system, it will be very hard to blast those spyware. You might need specific spyware removal tools. While some spyware can be fixed by your anti-spyware software, others are much more difficult to disinfect specially if they got installed before the anti-spyware software. In such cases, you might need a spyware removal tool for that particular spyware.

Smitfraud and Vundo, for instance, are spyware which are very difficult—if not impossible—to clean using conventional means. You have to use a specialized spyware removal tool for each. And if you’re unlucky enough, you might even have to do a manual spyware removal of these spyware. Those who are not familiar with spyware removal—much less, manual spyware removal—are normally instructed to download and install HijackThis. HijackThis is not a spyware removal tool but an enumerator. HJT is then run and the resulting HJT log is sent to forums specializing on spyware removal where a human will read the log, give instructions, and ask for a fresh log. This cycle goes on until the spyware is finally removed.

So, the next time you download free movies that ask you to install some codecs before you could watch, think of how pleasant spyware removal can be.

Antivirus Firewall Software

Forums are full of questions like: “What is the best antivirus firewall software?”. You need to know that there is NO such thing as an antivirus firewall software; much less, the best antivirus firewall software. If you peruse the archives of this blog, you’ll find out that an antivirus and firewall software are two different programs with different purposes.

An antivirus software does three main things:

  • It checks new downloads and files to see if they are viruses;
  • It scans your computer every now and then for viruses; and,
  • It attempts to clean or remove viruses when any are found.

A firewall, on the other hand, acts as a checkpoint at your computer’s entry points. It determines which message is allowed to pass through.

There are also Internet security suites that contain both antivirus and firewall software. (Though most only include anti-spyware and antivirus software) But while some Internet security suites contain both antivirus and firewall software, they are still different programs packaged together—not one antivirus firewall software.

So, if you reached this page searching for antivirus firewall software, please let me guide you to Internet security suites instead. They provide a more complete protection for your computer and give you a safer Internet browsing experience. As to what Internet security suite to buy, there are a lot of good programs but you can’t go wrong with these:

  • Eset Nod32 Antivirus System (current favorite)
  • Kaspersky Internet Security (another favorite)
  • Norton Internet Security (I used to hate this but after checking around, the latest versions are actually good)
  • Vipre Antivirus with Anti-spyware

So stop searching for antivirus firewall software now and go get a good Internet security suite.

Celebrities Can Give You Viruses

Searching for celebrities can get you into deep trouble and is another reason why you need updated anti-spyware, antivirus, and firewall software. Mashable.com just pleaded: Whatever You Do, Please, PLEASE Don’t Search for Jessica Biel. They said that danger hides beneath a pretty face. You could end up with computer viruses and spyware where you didn’t expect it. Tech.Blorge also gives out a warning: Google Jessica Biel at your own risk. Searching for Jessica Biel, according to them, gives you a one-in-five chance of getting infected by a computer virus or spyware.

Jessica Biel, however, is not the only celebrity search query that can load you up with computer viruses, spyware and other malware. In Cnet News, you can see the top 15 most "dangerous" celebrities according McAfee's report. I suggest you check out that list. And if you’ve ever searched for any of those celebrities in the recent past, you better scan your computer for spyware and malware ASAP. Then, perform spyware removal procedures when necessary using your favorite spyware removal tool.

Oh, the world we’re in! People search for beauties and what they get are beasties.

Anonymity on the Internet—A False Sense of Security

I read an article and decided to post about it since it is related to Internet security, cyberlaws, and cybercrimes — topics I have recently considered to blog about. The article talks about Internet defamation and libel which are common occurrences in the Internet nowadays. This is probably because those who are not familiar with how the Internet works think that the anonymity afforded by the Web is sufficient to shield them from any liability arising from cyber bullying, libel or defamation. Unfortunately, hiding under a screen name does not afford you the protection you thought you had—specially if you use that anonymity to defame someone who decides not to let it pass.

Even for hackers, the most difficult part of compromising the security of a system is NOT the breaking in part but the covering-your-tracks part. Why? Because anonymity is nothing but a false sense of security. If the hacker decides not to cover his tracks thinking that it is unnecessary as he is already anonymous anyway, then it won’t be long before he hears the Feds knocking on his door with a warrant to serve for his arrest.

In a post I just came across, Andrew Kameka said that if you are to defame someone on the Internet, be sure to have a team of expensive cyber-lawyers and a couple million dollars or so. You might also need a lot of paperbacks just in case you are given some years after the gavel falls instead of simply being asked for some loose change. (A few million of them)

Rosemary Port learned that the hard way. She thought that lambasting Liskula Cohen and calling her names on her blog without revealing her real identity is safe. She thought wrong. A US court forced her blog host, Google, to reveal her identity. The next thing she knew, she’s already a star. If big G could be asked to cooperate, any other blog host would also be as cooperative as not one of them has a choice on the matter.

If you are reading this and you happen to be a blogger, always be mindful of the dangers of Internet or online defamation and libel. It could land you in places you don’t want to be.

Cory Aquino and Where Not to Buy Antivirus Software

In a previous post, I told you to be wary if you choose to download free antivirus software. In another post, I said that just because you will buy antivirus software instead of downloading a free one doesn’t mean you’re already safe—you must buy antivirus software only from a reputable antivirus company. But how does that relate to the former president of the Philippines?

If somebody uses a particular search term about the late president in the past few days, they would have been presented with these highly optimized malware sites in the results page: (these sites had been blocked already)

  • http://{BLOCKED}-gonzales.redxhost.com/corazon-aquino-death.html
  • http://{BLOCKED}sa.20x.cc/corazon-aquino-death.html
  • http://{BLOCKED}rank.0adz/corazon-aquino-death.html
  • http://{BLOCKED}-1.0adz.com/corazon-aquino-died.html

When the user clicks on any of those links, they’d be redirected to different sites containing malware that would then lead to the download of a fake antivirus software detected as TROJ_FAKEALRT.FK. The fake antivirus software would then possibly download more malicious files and fake antiviruses. While the sites probably would not work anymore, you need to watch out for similar tactics when searching for other terms with breakout popularity.

How would you know, then, if a link would redirect you to malicious sites distributing malware? You probably won’t. That’s why it’s worth repeating that you need anti-spyware, antivirus and firewall software installed as it would only take a few minutes of browsing before you can be infected with viruses, spyware and other malware. Your security software should be able to immediately block the connection or quarantine any questionable downloaded binary or script. And if ever you’d be redirected to a site selling—or offering for free download—antivirus software, don’t buy it; or, at least, check it first. Buy antivirus software only from a trusted company.

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